Floor Cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services the Heartland area

Commercial floor cleaning is very important for both the maintenance of your floors and their visual appeal. Professional cleaning will greatly extend the lifetime of the commercial floors in your Omaha and Lincoln area business. High traffic areas like hallways and doorways are especially prone to dirt and grit, and the buildup can cause permanent damage. Clean commercial floors are also aesthetically appealing to customers and clients. Trash and environmental debris can make your office or commercial space look dirty and unkempt, leading customers to believe you’re careless and neglectful when conducting business as well. Come to Heartland Office Cleaners for your commercial floor cleaning services to be done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly professionally. Our team is trained to clean commercial carpet, tile and grout, and a number of other hard surfaces such as wood, vinyl, linoleum, and natural stone. Regular commercial floor cleaning is time-consuming. Is your time is better spent working or straining to clean your floors? Let the Office Cleaners take over the regular care of your commercial floor, or have us stop by for seasonal deep cleaning and special occasions.

Our Standard Services for Commercial Floors

Generally, hard surface commercial floors such as hardwood and tile should be dust mopped at least once a day. This is why Heartland Office Cleaners takes great care to meticulously dust mop and damp mop hard floor areas to extend their lifetime and to ensure they look pristine.

Heartland Office Cleaners also provides commercial carpet cleaning services. We thoroughly vacuum carpet floors and carpeted mats. We can also steam clean your floors to remove deeply imbedded dirt and allergens.

Occasional grout cleaning keeps tile and stone flooring strong and fresh; our tile and grout cleaning services will remove unsightly build up from nooks and crevices.

Floor Buffing, Shining, and Polishing

High speed buffing of commercial floors is the best way to really remove those scuffs and marks and return that high gloss shine to the floors of your business. Avoid the hassle of floor stripping and floor refinishing by maintaining regular floor cleaning and buffing. This maintenance will not only save you money, but reduce the amount of time that exhaustive floor refinishing keeps you out of your office and away from your work.

Heartland Office Cleaners also handles floor refinishing. If a basic floor cleaning or buffing isn’t doing the trick anymore, check out our Floor Refinishing Services to make them durable and beautiful again. 

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