Health Care Facilities and Medical Offices Cleaning

Health care facilities and medical offices are a place that must be kept at an exceptional level of clean, that regular janitorial services might not be able to offer you. There are so many things in a healthcare facility and medical office that require intense cleaning in order to run at a high safety level. Since COVID-19, there are a whole new set of health requirements that facilities have to pass to keep patients and workers safe, but with Heartland Office Cleaners we can help keep your facility at that level of cleanliness. 

At Heartland Office Cleaners, our janitorial services provide an exceptional level of clean and a higher standard of what clean can be. We provide commercial cleaning service and commercial carpet cleaning helping all areas of your health care facility or medical office be highly cleaned. We use only top-of-the-line cleaning solutions and prevent any possible cross-contamination with a system of color coded clothes. Doing this allows us to keep an exceptional level of cleanliness all throughout the facility. We understand that patient care is important, and we want to provide you the cleanest facility to provide that care.

When we come into your healthcare facility or medical office we clean the waiting rooms, hallways, nurses stations, front desk, and utility closets or any other room your healthcare facility or medical office might have. Our janitorial services exceed the healthcare mandates, regulations and standards for the level of cleanliness needed to run a healthcare facility or medical office.

When you are us to come in to be your cleaners, just a few of the services we offer include:

  • Professional carpet cleaning

  • High dusting

  • High ceiling cleaning

  • Commercial carpet cleaning

  • Aseptic cleaning

  • Window and glass cleaning

For more information about our health care facilities and medical office cleaning services, call Heartland Office Cleaners today!

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