Post-Construction Clean-Up

Post-Construction Clean-Up in Omaha

Post-construction clean-up is a chore no one wants to deal. Construction projects leave your brand-new or newly remodeled business office a mess. You’ve already dealt with the renovation/building process so why should you be left with cleaning up the dirt, dust, and other residue leftover from the construction phase?

We know that special circumstances and occasions call for a serious clean-up. Whether it be a big project or small post-construction clean-up project, we will have it shiny and new in no time! Let Heartland Office Cleaners in Omaha clean up the mess for you so you can focus on getting into your space and enjoying your new space.

Heartland Office Cleaners is a local commercial cleaning business that serves companies in the heartland area including Nebraska and Iowa with daily, monthly, and seasonal office cleaning services.

Thorough Commercial Construction Clean-Up

Our post-construction clean-up team knows where dust likes to hang out and is sure to thoroughly clean your office space prior to you moving back in. Our team cleans walls, doors/door frames, light fixtures, blinds, ceiling fans, anything in the office you name it, we clean it. We also vacuum floors, both carpet and hardwood, and mop where possible. We do every room, nook and wall throughout the newly built or remodeled area.

Construction sites, even after construction debris has been removed, are often left with dust, dirt and grime covering most of the surfaces. Choose a company that has years of post-construction clean-up under their belt to come in and clean up your newly constructed commercial office space. For all your Omaha or Lincoln post-construction commercial building cleanings, contact Heartland Office Cleaners. We can provide you with an affordable quote that offers top of the line cleaning services. Heartland Office Cleaners are here for you whenever you need commercial cleaning services for your business. Just tell us your unique cleaning service needs, and we’ll take care of you.

Moving out of an office space is always time-consuming, and you shouldn’t have to worry about a thorough cleaning as part of your moving process. Heartland Office Cleaners can restore your old business space when you move and prepare it for the next resident.

After construction or remodeling, your new office space is often left dusty, cluttered and generally a mess. Heartland Office Cleaners provide post-construction cleaning services to bring order and cleanliness back to your office. Large, unexpected messes can come out of nowhere and may require immediate attention; we will be there right when you need us to get your space back to normal.


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