Floor Refinishing

Commercial Floor Refinishing the Heartland area

If the regular floor cleaning for your office or commercial space just hasn’t been as effective as it should be, it is likely time for a floor refinishing. Heartland Office Cleaners provides commercial floor refinishing services the Heartland area area businesses. Depending on the state of your commercial floors, they may just need a good buffing or burnishing to bring back that shine. But if the finish is too worn or the floors have not been kept up very well, it may be time for floor stripping, resealing, and refinishing. Heartland Office Cleaners are floor refinishing contractors in the heartland area including Nebraska and Iowa for many types of commercial flooring including tile, vinyl, linoleum, natural stone, and concrete. We can take your business’ flooring back to its original polished and professional state. It will be like having brand new floors again for a fraction of the cost.

Full Floor Refinishing Process

Our experienced team at Heartland Office Cleaners has the training, tools, and time to handle every step of the floor refinishing process. While many people try to refinish their commercial floors themselves, Heartland Office Cleaners will provide unparalleled efficiency and more durable, attractive results. Don’t leave your commercial floor vulnerable to further damage by putting off refinishing; the floor refinishing process is much less expensive than entirely new floors.

1. Floor Stripping 
If the finish has really worn down, your commercial floors will need to be stripped to remove all of the finish from the bare floor material (concrete, tile, etc.). This process removes all scratches, scuffs, or marks from the old finish.

2. Floor Refinishing 
Then, applying floor finish not only gives your floors a renewed shine, but protects them from more damage. Foot traffic and rolling/wheeled objects will wear your floors out much faster if you don’t refinish them once they’ve been stripped. Floor refinishing will protect the actual flooring material from abrasion, the embedded soil, stains and the leaching effect of frequent cleaning. Multiple coats are recommended to make it easier to clean in the future and to keep up that new floor shine.

If the floors of your Omaha or Lincoln area business are well maintained with regular cleaning and buffing, you’ll be able to skip the stripping step altogether. Maintaining a new floor finish will not only save you money, but reduce the amount of time that floor refinishing keeps you out of your office and away from your work.

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