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With over 37 years of high dusting experience, Heartland Office Cleaners can help with all of your professional high ceiling cleaning needs. Dust and debris can hide in your high ceiling and rafters, compromising the health of your employees and machinery. Our high ceiling dusters will efficiently clean your office atmosphere from many contaminants that are polluting your workspace. Contact Heartland Office Cleaners today to schedule your high ceiling cleaning service!

Why is Ceiling Cleaning Important?

The trickiest part of ceiling cleaning is recognizing it must be done. When going about our normal work day, it’s easy to notice dust build-up on desks, printers, floors and more. But, when it comes to your ceilings, it is much more difficult to recognize contaminant build-up. When dust pollutes the workspace, it can do more damage than you think. Having these contaminants in your office can harm the health of your employees and hurt your expensive machinery. That’s why it’s so crucial to have high ceiling cleaning services to come clean and disinfect your workspace ceilings. Having large amounts of dust in your work environment can also become a fire hazard, create a breeding ground for bacteria, mites and mold, and may also clog ventilation in your HVAC unit. This is why OSHA requires the dusting of pipes, overhead fixtures, rafters and ceilings to remove contaminants effectively and safely. Luckily, our high ceiling cleaning equipment helps remove the dirt, dust and debris that can be so harmful to the efficiency of your work environment.

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Heartland Office Cleaners recommends that you have your ceilings, rafters, over-head fixtures and fans professionally cleaned regularly. This will help prevent build-up that can lead to fire hazards, sick employees, mites, mold and many more problems that can be caused by lack of proper office cleaning. Our commercial high dusting services will clean your ceilings effectively and safely in no time. Call Heartland Office Cleaners to schedule your next ceiling cleaning service today!

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