Shopping Center Cleaning

Our nation’s malls and shopping centers have never been in a more dire situation. The pandemic has brought a new wave of online shoppers who are wanting to avoid the germs and mess of public shopping. Staffing issues have also created problems for retailers. Our malls and shopping centers are in an urgent situation. As retailers, you have one chance to welcome shoppers back and remind them of how welcoming and clean their community shopping centers are. You have to put your best foot forward for every shopper that walks in! Our Commercial Cleaning Services team with Heartland Office Cleaners is up to the challenge! We are staffed, trained and most importantly, we know how important the public safety, well-being and overall mindset of your shoppers is to your return business and cash flow. Let our Janitorial Services and Commercial Cleaning Services help bring your shoppers back! 

Some of the first things shoppers will see when they enter your business after Heartland Office Cleaners has been on site:

1. Welcoming, clear entryway, free of debri and trash

You have one chance to get shoppers in your door. If their initial feeling is of a dirty store or an unkept space, they will turn and leave. Welcome your shoppers with spotless entries. Supply hand sanitizer at doors and cash registers as an added feel of safety and care. 

2. Spotless, Sparkling Floors

During winter months, spotless floors can be a tough task based on our weather. Our commercial cleaning services team has all the tricks to make your floors shine!

3. Clean Restrooms

This is one the biggest issues facing retailers. Not just clean, but sanitized restrooms for your customers have never been more important. Let our Janitorial Services team show you the Hartland difference between clean and sanitized! 

Having a clean store is one of the easiest ways to keep shoppers coming back. Our commercial cleaning services team can make sure your space is spotless. As more and more shoppers are returning to their favorite stores, make sure your shopping center or retail space is sanitized and ready! Give us a call today to see what Heartland Office Cleaners can do for you and your customers!

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