Office Cleaning Services for Des Moines, Iowa

Office Cleaning Services for Des Moines, Iowa

Let Heartland Office Cleaners take care of your business with our commercial cleaning services. Heartland Office Cleaners are a locally owned and managed office cleaning company in the Des Moines area, not a franchise of a large corporation. Our focus is on providing the highest quality customer service in our industry and the highest quality clean to businesses of all sizes.

Daily Office Cleanings or Specialized Services

We provide standard commercial cleaning services with the option to add personally customized services to fit your unique specifications. We even offer special services like post-event cleaning and post-construction clean-up so your office is always ready for you to get back to work.

Commercial Cleaning Services for Des Moines

Heartland Office Cleaners is a commercial cleaning business that serves companies of all sizes in Des Moines, IA. We offer office cleaning services to large corporate offices, small medical offices and even manufacturing businesses. There is no size or industry we will not serve, and we work with property managers or the owners of the office. If you require commercial cleaning services in Des Moines, Heartland Office Cleaners will fill your needs and exceed expectations no matter how large or small scale they may be.

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Commercial Window Cleaning and Glass Cleaning for Des Moines

First impressions make all the difference. When clients and customers visit your office or commercial space in Des Moines, having clean and clear windows will make them feel much more confident in your services. If you care enough about your work space to have clean windows, you’ll likely put as much care and detail into working with every customer.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services for Des Moines

Commercial floor cleaning is very important for both the maintenance of your floors and their visual appeal. Professional cleaning will greatly extend the lifetime of the commercial floors in your Des Moine business. High traffic areas like hallways and doorways are especially prone to dirt and grit, and the buildup can cause permanent damage. Come to Heartland Office Cleaners for your commercial floor cleaning services to be done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly professionally.

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Commercial Floor Refinishing for Des Moines

If the regular floor cleaning for your office or commercial space just hasn’t been as effective as it should be, it is likely time for a floor refinishing. Heartland Office Cleaners provides commercial floor refinishing services for Des Moines businesses. Depending on the state of your commercial floors,

they may just need a good buffing or burnishing to bring back that shine. But if the finish is too worn or the floors have not been kept up very well, it may be time for floor stripping, resealing, and refinishing. Heartland Office Cleaners are floor refinishing contractors in the Des Moines area for many types of commercial flooring including tile, vinyl, linoleum, natural stone, and concrete. We can take your business’ flooring back to its original polished and professional state. It will be like having brand new floors again for a fraction of the cost.

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Event Cleaning and Arena Cleaning for Des Moines

After investing a great amount of time and effort into coordinating a big event, the last thing you want to do is clean up afterwards. Post-event cleaning is often a dirty, tedious, time-consuming task, and your time is better spent focused on running your business.

Heartland Office Cleaners provides efficient and professional event cleaning and arena cleaning for the heartland area including Nebraska and Iowa. Whether you’re having an office party or a retirement party, a wedding or a concert, Heartland Office Cleaners is available for all pre-event cleaning and preparation as well as after-event cleaning and takedown.

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Additional Commercial Cleaning Services for Des Moines

Heartland Office Cleaners is a local commercial cleaning business that serves companies in the Des Moines area with daily, monthly, and seasonal office cleaning services. But we also know that special circumstances and occasions call for a serious clean-up.

After construction or remodeling, your office space is often left dusty, cluttered, and generally a mess. Heartland Office Cleaners provides post-construction cleaning services to bring order and cleanliness back to your office. Large, unexpected messes can come out of nowhere and may require immediate attention; Heartland Office Cleaners will be there right when you need us to get your space back to normal.

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