Special Projects

Special Cleaning Projects

Every business, any size, any type, will be in need of cleaning projects intermittently throughout the year. These projects may include stripping and refinishing of VCT tile, cleaning of quarry tile and terrazzo, cleaning of carpets. Windows need to be washed, light fixtures need to be dusted out, chairs need to be cleaned, and more.

All of these and other similar projects can be done on your schedule. Heartland Cleaning Services will provide a clear quote up front and the same attention to detail as we provide in our janitorial cleaning.

“What falls into the category of Special Project?”

  • Carpet cleaning: Shampooing, dry cleaning, extraction
  • Tile flooring
  • Desk chairs
  • High dusting and light fixtures
  • Power washing

Our goal has always been to provide immaculate quality and high standards of sanitation for each and every cleaning project we do. You might have areas in your facilities that don’t fall under the janitorial task list. There may not be a need to clean those areas frequently. If you find they need attention, contact Heartland Cleaning Services to set up a one-time special project at a time that is convenient for you

Contact us today to find out more about scheduling special projects.